What's On

What's On

Le Mans Racing 2019 (verify official sources):


17 mars: 26e             Rallye de Paris Click here


22-24 mars:           Exclusive Drive Click here


28 mars:              les Assises de l’Automobile (Ouest France) Click here


2-3 avril: Pré Test          24 Heures Motos Click here


6-7 avril:               Championnat de France Superbike Click here


13 avril: 6 Heures de Karting Click here


18-21 avril:          24 Heures Motos Click here


27 avril:            Rallye de la Sarthe Moto Click here


4 mai: Tour Auto Click here


16-19 mai:            GP de France Moto Click here


2 juin: Journée Test des          24 Heures du Mans 87e édition Click here


15-16 juin: 87e édition des           24 Heures du Mans Click here


29-30 juin:           24 heures Rollers Click here


6-7 juillet: Classic Days Click here


12-14 juillet: 23 Heures 60 Moto Power 25 Click here


20-21 juillet:        Coupes de France Promosport Click here


24-25 août: 24 Heures Vélo Click here


5-7 septembre:            Ultimate Cup Moto Click here


27-29 septembre: 24 Heures Camions Click here


26-29 septembre: 24 Heures Karting Click here


6 octobre: les Demoiselles du Bugatti Click here


11-13 octobre:             V de V Click here


19-20 octobre: IAME international final X30 Click here


25-27 octobre:         Inter Ecuries Click here


16-17 novembre:              TTE Click here




Le Mans – La Nuit des Chimères


General description

La Nuit des Chimères or “Night of Fantasies” is a “son et lumière”, a free

laser light show which takes place all over the old Plantagenet quarter each summer

 evening from nightfall, Tuesday to Saturday.


Throughout the summer holiday period (July and August) the buildings and

monuments in the fortified Plantagenet town of Le Mans are transformed into a

giant projection screen. The Nuit des Chimères changes every year:


•Saint-Julien cathedral between angels and demons (15 mins)

•the stairs and fountain in the Place des Jacobins form a spawning ground for the fantasy figures (15 mins)

•Angels and Demons give a celestial concert on the cathedral walls (10 mins)

•the wall of the Pans de Gorron: Labyrinth of chimeras (20 mins)

•the wall of Saint-Hilaire: Masks and the Dragon (20 min)

•The Plantagenets serve a banquet outside the conservatory (1hour 10 mins)

•Queen Bérengère, wife of Richard the Lionheart, haunts the courtyard of her museum (5 mins)

•royal porch: New for 2016 (5-6 min)

•and between each site, gargoyles and fantasy figures guide spectators around the old town.


Arrive early and park in the Parking des Jacobins at the foot of the cathedral, then dine in one of the many good restaurants of the old city.


The sound and light show begins at sunset, around 21h30. You walk at your own pace, stopping for ten minutes or so in front of each scene. The whole magical tour, if you’re up for it, takes about 2 hours to see.





General description


15,000 skaters to descend on the Bugatti course!


It would be difficult to compare the rollers 24H in another event as the test impresses with its sports

and media dimension. This year there will be several thousands of amateur skaters to participate in the

24H Rollers or to participate Saturday Morning 11:00 at different spectacles.

The common goal is to achieve the best performance but mostly exceed their limits and live an

unforgettable weekend in the Sarthe. For amateurs, the 24H Rollers allow a pleasant sporting moment

on the Bugatti circuit. Their main objective is to cross the finish line and become "FINISHER".

Start given on Saturday at 16:00. Racing Saturday morning is free and open to all.

Admission is free for spectators who will have access to the top of Dunlop, on the edge of the track. A unique opportunity to access a mythical place of the circuit.


For further information see www.24rollers.com





General description


The tourist train from Le Mans:













Price: 7 € / adult - € 4.50 / child (2019)

RDV Place du Jet d'eau





General Description:






Departure from la place du Jet d'eau, the tourist train takes you on a journey to the heart of the Plantagenet City and the new city for a guided tour of 40 minutes. Discover the secrets of our heritage: the Saint-Julien cathedral, houses with wooden sides, the history of the Plantagenets, and surprising anecdotes about our beautiful city. This tour is also available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Brazilian and German. An ideal walk  with friends or family, in a small train in the lights of the city.

Hours: The Little Train of Le Mans runs every afternoon until June 30 at 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00 then daily in July-August at 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, and 17:00 for a  40 mins guided tour: the Plantagenet city, the pedestrian streets of the city center, the Republic Square, and surprising anecdotes to discover or rediscover!


Located at the Le Mans  airodrome (near the Bugatti race course), Air Bleu ULM will welcome you  any day of the year to try out and practise in one of their light aircraft. Come and join instructors Joël et David, who each have more than 30 years of  flying and  teaching experience.

Installé sur l'aérodrome du Mans (à proximité du circuit Bugatti), Air Bleu ULM vous accueille toute l'année 7j/7 pour vous essayer à la pratique de l'ULM (pendulaire, 3-axes et autogire)! Venez voler avec Joël et David, instructeurs professionnels en ULM avec chacun plus de 30 années de pilotage, instruction, travaux aériens et compétition.

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